His Secret: A Short Story by me!

He had a secret. He had the truth. He had another wife.

Johnny was in his dark blue bathrobe, sipping his black coffee with three creams and four sugars. He was ready for another day with his pregnant wife. Until something turned his smile into a frown. 

He was reading the newspaper when his cellphone rang. It was a blocked number. He answered anyway. “Hello?” he answered.

“Johnny? It’s Bella. I’m pregnant. I’ve decided to come back home. I’ve taken a break long enough.”

“What?! N-no, you can’t come back!”

“Why? I love you! I’ve made my decision! I don’t want to raise this child alone. I’m coming back.” 

Johnny pulled his hair in frustration. “You can’t!! I thought we broke up! You expected me to just wait for three frickin’ years?!”

“W-wait… Johnny, does this mean you are with another woman?”

“Bella, I’m married!!! My wife is six months pregnant!!!!! We are having a baby girl!”

Johnny immediately hung up on her and put his phone on ‘Do Not Disturb.’ He started to cry. Why? Why did Bella have to barge back into his life when his wife was six months pregnant with a baby girl?! 

All of a sudden, he realized something. His face turned white. His stomach dropped to his feet.

He never divorced Bella.

He shrieked as loud as he could into one of his pillows. This couldn’t be happening. He decided to just keep Bella out of his life somehow. Ignore her. Don’t let her step into the house. Keep her away from Lily (his current wife). Nothing could go wrong, right?

                              ~~~~~Three Months Later~~~~~

“Babe! My water just broke!”

Johnny had his wife at the hospital in no time. He hadn’t seen Bella and he was relieved by that.

Until he saw another woman who was going into labor rushed into the hospital. Bella. No, Johnny thought. This couldn’t be happening!
                            ~~~~~~Author’s Note~~~~~

Hey guys! This IS actually a short story, it’s gonna have like two or three chapters. I’ll be posting more soon. Is it good so far? Not my best but whatever. Don’t know when I’ll post next chapter…. Not sure. Thank you and goodnight! (It’s night where I live.)


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