Why I Write

I write because I like the feeling it gives me. The feeling it gives me is power. The power that I feel makes me feel unstoppable. You write WHATEVER you want. Like, for instance, when I write stories. I can control the characters and what they do. I can control the time. I can control every single thing that happens. I can control what people feel. And in real life, you cannot do that.

I would not want to do that in real life because then you would know what would happen and everything would go your way. It would be almost…. Boring. Like, I would expect things to happen and they would. Life should be full of disappointments. And happy moments. The point is, if no one made mistakes, what would be the point? We learn from mistakes, if we never made them we wouldn’t learn! 

So, that’s why I write. The power. It would be really boring if it were real life. I can make the mistakes. I can make the characters make the mistakes so it is right. Plus, you can make money off of it! (Kidding, kidding. But you can!) Your stories have an impact on people. They could make you cry, laugh. They could be so good that they are made into movies.

Sometimes I feel like I am so unorganized. I start stories and then seek new ideas and get bored of the ones I am writing, and I want to stop. But I always feel that I should finish up the story, just because it makes me feel guilty. It stresses me out. I get stressed out easily. But I must finish what I start when it comes to writing. When it comes to anything, really. But especially writing. I love writing. It means so much to me.

That, my readers, is why I write.


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