Boring Books

I have a HUGE rant about books……. See, I get really impatient. So, I want a book to be good from the beginning. I want it to pull me in immediately. But most books that people say are really good, I don’t end up reading because the beginnings are B-O-R-I-N-G! BORING! I can’t stand it! I want to talk about the book with my friends, but they are patient. They read the whole book. I want a book that pulls me in immediately. Any recommendations?


What I Do While I’m On The Toilet 

What do you do when you’re on the toilet? Well, I’ve heard of a game called Toilet Time. I don’t play it, though. I will usually bring my iPad into the bathroom. Sometimes I’ll read. Maybe I will play a couple of games I highly recommend. Geometry Dash, Roblox Mobile, and there is more. I might be here on WordPress, Evernote, or Wattpad. I also might play music, I’ve done that before. I’ll watch YouTube, Netflix if I’m already watching it. What do you do when you’re taking a dump? Aloha!

PS. I feel like this post sounded choppy. I just thought it would sound better and a little bit funnier that way. Any advice, I’m open!