Paper Towns: Book Review

Hey guys! First book review! Hope you like it! Paper Towns is the book I chose because it is just everything you want from a book. It’s romantic, emotional, hilarious, it is all you could get from John Green. Now that I think about it, I guess it’s what I want out of a book. I’ll be talking about the parts in the story. It is divided into three parts I’m pretty sure. 

Part One is Strings. And let me tell you this: It is very funny. I’m telling you right now, from the beginning to end, it is just funny. Margo is so clever, and Quentin is just scared. In Part One: Strings. Together, they get revenge on all of the people they hate. It is hilarious! “Your friendship with Margo sleeps with the fishes.” And they literally put fish in their house! Catfish, I’m pretty sure. Part One is so adventurous, so suspenseful! Yet so funny. That’s how John Green is, you know? He’s funny yet he could make you cry. With his beautiful works of art. I liked how they shaved Chuck Parson’s eyebrow off! In the first part of the book, it’s all about their adventure to get revenge. It’s ridiculous. RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME! 

Part Two is The Grass. This was more of an emotional part, I think. It almost jerked out all of my tears at the point where Quentin just sat and cried. Screaming. He loved Margo. Still. But Margo was just looking for adventure. At the time, I wasn’t sure about the love story that I was hoping I’d get, but there’s always hope right? Anyway, that would’ve been a good ending to this paragraph, but that’s not all. I was reading an article about how John Green cried when he saw he scene of when Lacey and Quentin sat in the bath tub and talked. I didn’t think it was sad or dramatic in the book, but I haven’t seen the movie yet. The book is always better, but this time I’m thinking the movie might be. It was also suspenseful when they met Gus and his friends. Well, it was suspenseful at first. They didn’t know who was coming! They were petrified! I think it was a little emotional when Gus and his friends were telling all about how they used to “explore” with Margo. They would say how pointless they thought it was that once she entered the room, she would just sit in a corner and write in her notebook while they went and found things and explored. I wondered, What could Margo be writing? She’s such and interesting person! I hope we get to read it!  

Part Three is The Vessels. Road trip! Woohoo! Love it. Let’s find Margo! Her parents don’t give a crap about her, but we do! Anyway, the road trip is divided into hours. Which hour was my favorite? Ummmm….. It would have to be Hour Three (or was it Hour 2?) when Ben kept complaining that he had to pee! Or was that every hour? Anyway, I was afraid Q and M wouldn’t kiss! But they did. It was dark. Their eyes were open. It was amazing.

And…. That’s it! How’d I do? Scale from 1 to 10? 11, I hope? Okay… Byeee! Going to Disney tomorrow! I’ll have a post on it by next week! Byeee!


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