Hey! I just want to let you know that I haven’t been posting because I haven’t had the time! I also might be going to Disney World! Of course, I’m not sure yet, but this is just an update with what’s going on. I’m really sorry I haven’t been posting!

Okay, so after I finish the book “Paper Towns” by John Green, I want to do a book review on it. But I’m not really sure. I don’t really know how a book review works. Am I supposed to talk about my favorite parts and least favorite parts? Am I supposed to talk about the most important events? What do I say? Is it like a book report almost? Feedback please! Thank you!



3 thoughts on “Sorry!

  1. If you wrote your review like a book report complete with references, that might be a little boring for us readers. xD you should talk about what you liked about the book, how it made you feel, characters you liked, etc etc. But bottom line is, write whatever you want about the book! 🙂


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