What The Divorce Did

Why is it so hard for my sisters to take it all in?

When I was in first grade, my sisters (Nina and Liana) and I were sat down at the kitchen table. My mother and father had been sleeping in separate rooms at the time, so we should’ve known what was coming. I think deep down we all did. My dad started to tell us a story. “Once upon at time, there were two people named Frank and Sandra. They fell in love and got married and had three beautiful little girls. They were all a big happy family. Three beautiful girls who were still growing, still blooming.” Liana and I giggled. Nina glared at us, but my mother told her that we didn’t understand yet and to leave us alone.

My mother decided to take on the story. “One day, Mommy decided that Mommy and Daddy had to split up. That is what we call a divorce. We are getting this divorce for reasons you do not have to know right now. You are too young,” my mother said. “I am moving out of this house and getting a new one. It’ll be fun to have two houses.” But by then, we were all crying except my parents. 

My sisters and I ran up to me and Liana’s bedroom, and our parents followed. “I know it’s hard, but it’ll all be okay. You will get used to it,” my father said. His eyes started to water and he started to cry. That was the only time I had ever, in my lifetime, seen my father cry. He’s usually not so emotional. He just raises his voice or yells. 

My mother was the only one who never cried at that moment. She was comforting all of us, you know, the cheesy stuff like telling us it would all be okay. 

In February 2012, my mother got her new house and my dad had gotten a girlfriend. But it all happened so fast. My dads girlfriend moved in around June and I was the only one besides my dad who was actually okay with it. I always think, Why is it so hard for them to take it in? Why is it oh so hard for them to understand? 

My mother got a boyfriend and we all loved him and my sisters disliked my dad’s girlfriend very much. I just don’t get it. 

See, there was one really good thing about the divorce. We had gotten a dog. Dean, my mom’s boyfriend, had been looking for someone to take care of his mother’s dog. She was a small Maltese with short hair and we immediately fell in love with her. Dean’s mom had moved to a condo that hadn’t allowed dogs, so we took her right away. She is very yippy, but we don’t love her any less. 

Robbin, my dad’s girlfriend, well, I love her. She is so nice and I don’t see why my sisters can’t be nice to her. All is well for me, but more drama comes along the way.

My sisters seem to have a problem staying at my dad’s place and it’s all of this drama. We even had to see a psychologist. It was torture, and it still is. Nina and my father have the worst relationship. They had to see the psychologist privately.

I should be very lucky because in some divorces the parents absolutely hate each other. Or worse, you never get to see one of the parents. But I am a lucky girl. All three of us are. I just wish my sisters could see it too.


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