Do Pajamas Matter?

Usually I just wear a long T-Shirt and underwear to bed, done. But I was invited to this birthday party sleepover and I thought the birthday girl was really cool. I just want to impress her and make her laugh and become her friend so people will think of me as really cool and popular. 

So, I was thinking about what I would wear for pajamas for the sleepover. I started to freak out and I asked my mom if we could go shopping for some cute pajamas. She shook her head and told me to grab some from upstairs. I shook my head and said,”No, no, no! You don’t understand! My pajamas aren’t cute!” My mother looked at me as if I was nuts.

“Sweetheart, it’s not like you are going to a fashion show and the theme is slumber party. You are wearing these to sleep.” She had a point, but I needed to impress Jordan.

“Mom! Seriously! She’s so cool, and I wanna look good for her. It’s embarrassing to wear one of my grandfathers T-Shirts to a birthday party.”

“She isn’t your friend if she judges you by your clothing, especially your PJ’s.”

“Mom, I want to impress her. It’s not that she’ll judge me, it’s just that I’m afraid she’ll judge me.”

“If you’re afraid, she has obviously judged other people before.”

Honesty, what do you think about this discussion? Comment what you think happened and I’ll post something called Answer To Pajamas Discussuion. I need comments, comments, comments!


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