How Fourth Grade Changed Me

Before fourth grade, I had a fond feeling for school. I loved it. It was just a magical land of learning. In kindergarten, I has fun just getting to know everything. All the teachers, my new friends! My new friends were great to me. Especially this one named Olivia. We just said hi, and I asked if she wanted to be my best friend. That made me love school even more. In first grade, we were in the same class. First grade was really fun. I loved my teacher, we had an ice cream party at the end of the year. Obviously, that was the highlight of it all! Second grade, Olivia and I were separated. I had a big bond with my teacher. It was over the Boston Bruins. Both of us absolutely LOVE them. I even invited her to a Bruins party! My twin sister (who was in the room right next to me) said while we were at the library my teacher was crying and showing her teacher the card I made her. Although, she’s pretty tough, I couldn’t imagine her crying. She also came to my First Communion to support me. One of my favorite grades. Okay, moving on to third grade! WOW. My teacher….. He was the teacher that everyone wanted. He was hilarious and he was so nice. I was a teacher’s pet in third grade. He made us all laugh, and he had this thing called Ticket Friday. He would hand out tickets to the students, and we would put the tickets into our “ticket bags” and write our initials on them. Then, we would count our tickets and whoever had the most would get two prizes or a coupon. In case you’re wondering, the coupons said stuff like,” Have lunch with your teacher and a friend.” or,”Sit in the teacher’s desk chair for a day.” His chair was very comfy. After we counted, we put our tickets into a big container and he would pick them out and whoever he picked got a coupon or two prizes. My initials are FL and so whenever he called my initials he would say,”Floridaaaaaaa!” It would make everyone laugh. And I always got a ton of tickets, so I always hit the jackpot. 

A whole different paragraph for fourth grade. From the start of it, I liked it, but then we started to get a whole lot of homework and there was too much work. I’m not gonna lie, my teacher was nice. But it was the first year I left without crying my eyes out on the last day.


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